Removal Instructions for messages from E-MIN:

 The best way to be removed...

The easiest and best way to be removed from an E-MIN message is to use the "one-click" automatic removal link at the end of each regular message you receive.  Click it to be removed  immediately .

 If the automatic link does not work...

Send (forward) the most recent copy of your regular daily message message to  and type "remove" in the subject line.    Be sure that the copy you send includes the unsubscribe link at the end.

 Very Important:   If you do not send us a copy of the message you are receiving, we may not be able to successfully remove you.

 Why do we need a copy of your message or the link?

 Just telling us an address to remove is not enough information  because our list server is "case sensitive".  (One slight "typo" can prevent a "match" and delay your address being removed.)  We also publish a number of ministry messages on different lists, and we need to know which list to search, as well as the correct e-mail address to remove.  

We can determine all this when you send us your message, but remember to type "remove" in the subject line.


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