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    Spam Policy and Abuse Reporting Procedure

E-MIN does not wish to send unwanted e-mail.

We understand that not everyone desires a service such as this, nor do we wish to unwisely use our resources by sending unwanted e-mail (since we are a non-profit organization and have no commercial interests in sending unwanted e-mail).

We believe that it would be contrary to the purpose and mission of E-MIN to send unwanted e-mail.  

Therefore, for subscriber's convenience as well as our own interests, we attempt to honor all unsubscribe requests promptly.

We do not indiscriminately send unsolicited or unrequested e-mail messages.

To receive an e-mail service from E-MIN, a person must either subscribe directly or be *recommended by a current subscriber.

There is no other way to be added to an E-MIN mailing list.

*As a part of the service we provide, we allow current subscribers to "recommend" others that they have reason to believe would welcome and benefit from such a service as E-MIN provides. When we receive an e-mail address recommended by a current subscriber, we will send the recommended person a "Welcome" message explaining our service and providing information about E-MIN, contact information, and the name and/or e-mail address of the person who recommended them (if available) .

We make unsubscribing (removal from a list) easy.

We provide subscribers with an automatic unsubscribe link in each message received to make removal easy and immediate.

Use of the link eliminates delays in attempting to remove the wrong e-mail address. (Removal is usually immediate upon our receipt of the subscriber's confirmation reply.)

We also maintain a permanent opt-out list for those who have previously "unsubscribed".

To begin receiving E-MIN messages again after a subscriber has unsubscribed, they will have to subscribe directly with us -- they could not be "recommended" again at thesame e-mail address.

We make efforts to comply with all current e-mail regulations, courtesy, and/or legislation.

Please note:

Manual removal requests are much slower and not always accurate, due to potential of "human" error, i.e., incorrect addresses submitted, "typo" errors, etc.

Manual requests must be manually searched and removed, and since we maintain many lists with thousands of subscribers, this can be an inaccurate and potentially lengthly process. Automatic removal is best.


All e-mail from E-MIN is sent in compliance with the U.S. CAN-SPAM Act (to the best of our knowledge and belief).

Accordingly, further transmissions to a subscriber by E-MIN of any e-mail service may be stopped at no cost to the subscriber by following the "unsubscribe" link contained on each e-mail message.

This link contains an automatic removal link that will verify the subscriber's correct subscription e-mail address and remove it from the system.

When submitted correctly, a request to be removed from an E-MIN list should never take longer than 24 hours to be processed.

Correctly submitted unsubscribe requests using the automatic link are usually processed within minutes.

Any problems may be reported to <> for prompt attention.

e-mail forwarded by someone other than E-MIN:

E-MIN does not authorize forwarding of messages by other parties. If you received an e-mail message that was originally sent from E-MIN and was then forwarded to you by someone other than E-MIN and you do not wish to receive it, please contact the person who forwarded it to you, as E-MIN cannot control forwarded e-mail. You may report forwarded e-mail abuse to <>

Abuse Reporting procedure:

If you feel abuse has occured, please report the abuse to <> and include a detailed description of the problem. Please include contact information so we may respond to you promptly.

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